Quick Stop Multi-Tool


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This 7 in 1 Quickstop Multi-Tool gives you the right tools you need in a fire emergency that results in faster management of the incident causing less damage and on scene time! The Quickstop Multi-Tool stops water at the sprinkler head allowing the fire protection system to monitor and protect the rest of the building, thus avoiding expensive water damage and the buildings sprinkler remains 100% functional until the damaged head can be replaced.
It has been tested up to 350 PSI, and the Quickstop Multi-Tool is also easy to operate and reusable.

The Quickstop Multi-Tool includes:
-Fire Sprinkler Tool
-2x Spanner Wrench
-Utility Key
-PRV Wrench
-Door Chock
-02 Bottle Key

- Stop 1/2" and 3/4" fire sprinklers whether they are intact, damaged or completely sheared
- Make and break hose couplings
- Secure utilities (H2O / Gas)
- Access FDC connections
- Open and close oxygen bottles
- Keep doors open for firefighting access or means of egress
- Increase and decrease FDC pressure (PRV)

- Increase and decrease FDC pressure (PRV)