CO2 Fire Extinguisher


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How does it work to put out the fires?

Carbon dioxide is a non-conductive gas and, it leaves it completely dry when used on surface as compared to AB Fire extinguisher which leaves residue. Its has the capability to cut the oxygen fueling the fire, thus preventing the fire from spreading to other areas. If you are to use the following AB Class Extinguishers for fire safety, you will learn that to extinguish a fire caused by electrical devices, the CO2 fire extinguishers are the only ones highly recommended. 

Why use CO2 Fire Extinguisher?

CO2 extinguishers can be purchase in different sizes, with the 2KG being the smallest. It is recommended to be use with care for electrical equipment for residential and commercial use to keep your home or office space safe. It is important to know what products are reliable for your house safety. Because of its small size, a 2 KG CO2 fire extinguisher is easy to manipulate; unlike larger types that come with a hose and horn, this one comes with just a horn, as it is light enough to keep in your hand when you want to discharge the gas in order to stop the fire.

Types of fire should not be attempted to extinguish with CO2 Fire Extinguishers?

Use the CO2 fire extinguisher only for fires caused by electrical equipment. Do not that you should not attempt to extinguish any other types of fire with the same extinguisher. For instance, it is absolutely dangerous to use this type of extinguisher on flammable materials, which is part of the D Class. This might cause the CO2 kept inside to released extremely high pressure, and a reaction with contact to the material can occur, causing the fire spread furthermore rather then extinguishing it.

Do not use this type of fire extinguisher on class A materials such as paper, cloth or wood, as it could cause high pressure CO2 which makes the fire spread even more. We highly recommend using CO2 fire extinguisher only for an electrical equipment that has catches fire.

It is recommended that you purchase a new CO2 extinguisher if you think that your current one is out of warranty. Purchase them now to protect your property!

Extinguishing Agent
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide
Cylinder Diameter
103 MM
Total Height
565 MM
Approx Total Weight
6.4 KG
Operating Temperature
-30°C to 60°C
Working Pressure
56 BAR
Test Pressure
250 BAR
Fire Rating

Size varies due to different sizes of CO2 extinguisher.

1 Year Warranty Provided. Approved by Singapore SCDF and Setsco.